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Angola Do You Hear Us?

Angola Do You Hear Us? is a 2022 documentary film directed by Cinque Northern which recounts activist, actress, and writer, Liza Jesse Peterson’s visit to Angola Prison. We were to direct and produce the animated sequences for the film. The film received wide acclaim was even shortlisted for a 2023 Oscar nomination. Stream it now on Paramount Plus.

Project Highlights

2023 Oscar

The film received wide acclaim and was shortlisted for a 2023 Academy Award Nomination for best short film documentary.


Time was of the essence to produce animation for this project. We worked closely with director Cinque Northern to ensure his vision was represented in the film.


We created a rough version of the animation in order to get approval from our client and to get the correct timing for final animation.


The film had a great run on the film festival circuit in 2022 and received numerous awards and recognition.


Storyboard Snippets

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