ansar services of greater washington DC logo image with people reach for a star to symbolize reaching for ones dreams

Ansar Services

Ansar Services is a nonprofit organization committed to community, youth, and economic development. We were hired to help them relaunch their nonprofit organization. We provided them with a new logo, print collateral, and a responsive website CMS for them to connect with their target audience. In addition to their primary branding, we also had the opportunity to brand their UC2IT innovation and technology initiative

Project Highlights


We rebranded the Ansar Services organization and upgraded their materials


Our rebranding included redesigning the Ansar Logo

Additional Branding

We created branding for Ansar's newly minted UC2IT program

Zoom Videos

We used zoom to conduct testimonial videos with Ansar's students and staff.


Ansar Branding

UC2IT Branding

Website Snapshot (

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