The DC Go-Go Bus

We were hired by DC’s Go-Go Museum and Cafe to design a mobile experience for their museum. The museum communicated to us that they wanted a way to showcase what was in their museum as well created an opportunity for education and go-go performances to happen anywhere in the city. In addition to designing the interior and exterior, we built the bus with a stage on top and with screens on the inside to showcase the museum’s latest and upcoming exhibits. As an added bonus, we included an interactive screen for visitors learn more about Go-Go.

Project Highlights

Concept & Ideation

We worked with Go-Go Museum to identify their needs for a mobile version of the museum and provide options for the how the experience would work.

Exterior Design

The exterior design of the Go-Go bus pays homeage to go-go icons and some of go-go's most famous songs and phrases.


Working with our partners at Uniquely DC, we constructed the bus with a stage on top for performances as well as staircase to allow people to access the top of the bus.


The inside of the bus contains an interactive component which utilizes AI. Visitors can use an interactive screen to learn more about Go-Go.



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