Interactive Music Booths

We worked with Washington DC’s 202 creates to create an interactive installation honoring DC Jazz and DC Go-Go for their 2019 kickoff event at The Eaton Hotel in Washington, DC. We produced two interactive music booths featuring electric conductive paint which allowed for sound to be triggered when select shapes were touched. One booth played Jazz sounds while the other played Go-Go

Project Highlights


We proposed the concept of interactive murals to the director of 202 Creates. We were then requested to create something an installation that paid homage to DC Jazz and DC GoGo


We designed two booths. We ensured the design was functional by including touch points for where we wanted users to interact with the piece


We used a small computer, electric conductive paint, and copper tape to program the art to play music sounds when a specific touch point was triggered


The booths premiered at the 2019 202 Creates Kickoff and were an instant hit with crowd. People enjoyed being able to use their own creativity to interact with the art


Process Video

Concept Sketches

Progress Shots

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