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King Knight

We were commissioned to create animation sequences for the 2021 feature film “King Knight” starring Matthew Gray Gubler and Angela Sarafyan and directed by Richard Bates. We animated a transformative sequence in which the main character takes ayahuasca and goes on a trippy evolutionary journey.

Project Highlights

Feature Film

King Knight is a feature film that played in select theaters across the united states. We worked closely with the director to produce animated sequences in the film

Art Direction

We provided the director with style options for the look and feel of the animation


We worked closely with the director to interpret his vision for the animated sequence. Storyboards were an effective tool for interpreting the director's vision prior to the final animation

Animated Scenes

We animated a total of three sequences for the film and worked with film's editor to fine-tune things


Deleted Scene

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Character Designs

Movie Poster

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