Play Video about cartoon image of phonte from little brother with music notes and winged records around him

May The Lord Watch

May The Lord Watch tells the story of North Carolina based hip-hop group Little Brother. We were initially hired to produce six animated sequences for the film, but after review, we recommended more animation sequences to the director and producers, and ended up creating 14 animated sequences in all. We love working with film directors and film producers on creative projects, so this was a real honor in the best way possible.

Project Highlights

Creative Direction

We reviewed the initial film and identified areas that would be great for animation. We suggested additional animated scenes for the film.

Character Design

We chose a fun and effective style for the characters in the film. The film's producers wanted a style similar to Saturday morning cartoons.


We created animatics to show a rough version of the animation in order to get approval from our client and to get the correct timing for final animation.


The film was screened in major cities across US and received overwhelmingly positive reviews with many noting how much they loved the animation.


Character Design

Animatic Snippets

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