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Turn It Blue is an animated project that became a movement. We worked with renowned director Seith Mann to create a SchoolHouse Rock-styled music video to encourage voter registration and voter turnout in the state of Georgia. The project was a great success and even received social media shout outs from some pretty famous celebrities.

Project Highlights

Concept & Ideation

We worked with director Seith Mann to think through the project's creative goals and clarify his vision for the project.

Character Design

We interpreted the director's vision into a strategic and provided style frames for the look and feel of the project.


We created a rough version of the animation in order to get approval from our client and to get the correct timing for final animation.

Celebrity Shares

The video was retweeted by John Legend, shared on Instagram by Tracee Ellis Ross, and reshared by Michael Ealy


Character Design

Storyboard Snippets

Famous Fans of the Project

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