Banner graphic featuring the upward ground logo. tree crowns at the top left and right corners with a city in the background set in front of a gradient turquoise background

Upward Ground

We were hired by American Forests to brand their 2023 inaugural youth climate summits. Working in collaboration with the AF team we named the summits “Upward Ground”. Our work included naming the summit, designing the logo, and designing all of the branding materials which included a mix of graphic design and illustration.

Project Highlights

Branding 101

Not only did we design, but we were hired to come up with a name for the summit that fit the audience the client wanted to connect with.

Creative Direction

We worked with the client to identify use cases for the logo and to prioritize design collateral.

Logo Design

The Logo design speaks to the field of urban forestry as we see the abstract representation of a building and tree within the letter "U"

Graphic Art

Illustration played a major role in this project and we used a combination of standard graphic design along with illustrated elements to brand the project.


Logo Typemarks

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